“I may have felt timid with the thought of personal training, but I knew I could dial in with the nutritional plan offered. Little did I know when the food is in check, everything else follows.”

“When I signed up for my first Balanced Habits KICK START I was eager and scared; I lost 16 pounds and gained the confidence to move fast – with a purpose. In between the KICK START programs I continued to lose weight by applying the new principles I just learned – this was even during the winter Holiday months. Although the end cap at the grocery store was not available in between the programs; I quickly referred to my KICK START literature, recipes and weekly grocery shopping lists to create my own mini program. It worked and I lost an additional 14 pounds. The second Balanced Habits KICK START I was extremely successful, not only did I lose an additional 15 pounds, I was grocery shopping the smart way, I was integrating the new recipes and re-organizing my pantry with ingredients and healthy food choices I was proud of. “

“Thank you Paul & Carolyn.” – Sandy