Listen to Pat tell his unbelievable story about how with the guidance and motivation from Paul and Carolyn, he was able to lose 29 lbs in 28 days!
Pat tells all about the “road map” he was given that set him on the journey of a lifetime. As a law enforcement officer, he found his energy levels to be diminished and he was hungry all day long. After a large lunch, he would find himself nodding off while writing a report in his cruiser. He was struggling.
Thanks to the step by step menus and recipes and the scheduled and portioned meals, Pat quickly began to see that if you follow the simple guidelines of The TakeDown Challenge, losing weight can be easy! Just look at how Pat was able to lose 29 lbs in 28 days and only three months after beginning his journey he says he is still astonished to see how easy it has been to maintain and continue to lose weight.
With this new found nutrition lifestyle, Pat has an all day energy boost with no more nodding off in the middle of the day.
After 15 years, Pat now fits in to his police academy uniform.
Pat knew he had a good amount of weight to lose, but he never thought that he would be able to lose 29 lbs in 28 days. His hard work and dedication gave him unbelievable results and he has gained a whole new lifestyle that brings with it confidence, happiness and all day energy!
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