In this monthly personal training tip, Paul gives insight on his 40 plus years of training experience. This video touches on the importance of reps and sets. When Paul is preparing for a competition, he focuses on lots of reps and lots of sets. it is important to push your body to its limits. Pushing your body to failure will make your body respond and get you better results for the time you put in. Do not waste your time in the gym. Go to train and to train hard. If you do follow Pauls training tip, you will become 100% stronger in only 3 months. Find out what works for you. Focus on great form and getting your body to work properly. Do not forget about proper nutrition and the right amount of rest. Great workouts in the gym is only one part of the training equation.
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Would you like to transform the way you look and feel? Would you like a slim, toned and firm body that you’ll be proud to show off? Would you like to feel strong, healthy and full of confidence? At The Training Spot we promise that you will work with an expert personal trainer in Orange County who will assist you with your health and fitness goals.

We believe that maximum results require maximum effort – but we also believe in building motivation through the right balance of encouragement and support.