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The Training Spot Pat - Balanced Habits Kick Start

“Balanced Habits KICK START provided me with a roadmap as I call it that made this journey clear and easy to follow.” With these tools in place, you showed me how to properly use each one which ultimately led me to lose 29 pounds in 28 days. The results were amazing! Since completing the TakeDown challenge I have lost an additional 3 pounds and I presently find myself at my ideal weight of 191 pounds. I can now see my “six-pack” after 20-year hibernation :-). Thank you once again for helping me to accomplish my goals!”

Pat - Balanced Habits Kick Start

The Training Spot Sandy - It's not always what you have to lose; it's what you have to gain!

“I may have felt timid with the thought of personal training, but I knew I could dial in with the nutritional plan offered. Little did I know when the food is in check, everything else follows.

When I signed up for my first Balanced Habits KICK START I was eager and scared; I lost 16 pounds and gained the confidence to move fast – with a purpose. In between the KICKSTART programs I continued to lose weight by applying the new principles I just learned – this was even during the winter Holiday months. Although the end cap at the grocery store was not available in between the programs; I quickly referred to my KICK START literature, recipes, and weekly grocery shopping lists to create my own mini program. It worked and I lost an additional 14 pounds. The second Balanced Habits KICK START I was extremely successful, not only did I lose an additional 15 pounds, I was grocery shopping the smart way, I was integrating the new recipes and re-organizing my pantry with ingredients and healthy food choices I was proud of. “

Sandy - It's not always what you have to lose; it's what you have to gain!

The Training Spot Jennifer - Balanced Habits Kick Start

"Meet Jennifer Martin, she’s lost over 50 lbs. and 6 dress sizes since joining The Training Spot and participating in the Balanced Habits KICK START “Both my husband and my 6 children now have a mom/wife with much more energy. I sleep less and get out more. I have more clarity. I find dealing with tough issues is much easier. My whole family is benefiting from the change. Joining the Balanced Habits KICK START completely changed my life.”

Jennifer - Balanced Habits Kick Start

The Training Spot Eric - Personal Training & Nutrition

“I got a call to do a national photo shoot and only had only 1 month to prepare!” “I called Paul and Carolyn for help, they immediately put me on the 28 days Balanced Habits KICK START. Between that and training at The Training Spot gym, I lost 32lbs in 28 days and was in the best shape of my life for the photo shoot!” “Thanks, Paul and Carolyn”

Eric - Personal Training & Nutrition

The Training Spot Mike - Personal Training and Nutrition

“After back surgery, I found myself just north of 270 lbs. And completely out of shape.” I ran into a friend of mine who lost 30 lbs. and looked ripped who told me about his success at The Training Spot. I am happy to say that I am under 200 lbs. for the first time in 25 years! Thank you TSpot for your expert guidance and knowledge of nutrition and fitness! A special thanks to my personal coach, who keeps the training relevant and HARD!”

Mike - Personal Training and Nutrition

The Training Spot Shelley - Balanced Habits Kick Start

“I lost 27lbs in the Balanced Habits KICK START” “They made it so easy by providing meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and personalized cardio, combined with weekly weigh-ins to help you reach your goals. I thought I was too busy, but by getting more organized, I ended up with more time on my hands!”

Shelley - Balanced Habits Kick Start

The Training Spot Denise B.

The Training Spot has set the stage for me to be motivated to move forward with effective fitness. My trainer Evan creates a challenging and ever-changing workout routine - he keeps me moving forward with stronger results.  Having participated in their Kick Start Nutrition Plan – my body is being fueled by wiser food choices and slimming down as a result. Understanding the ratio of protein, carbs and fats have made such a difference.  My body, muscles, and mind are ever so Thankful for The Training Spot.

Denise B.

The Training Spot Luke O.

The Training Spot has mastered the art of small group training. They deliver the personal results you want and give you the instruction you need to be successful in your fitness program. The Takedown challenge they created is an amazing done-for-you-no-thinking menu plan that gives you all the tools you need to succeed with your nutritional goals. If you want results... TRAIN HERE!!

Luke O.

The Training Spot Kelly K.

I'm a trainer who uses trainers and I love the T Spot! Not only is the format fun and motivational but as an expert who uses experts... the trainers are great. I go to the Main Street location and train most often with Aaron. His attention to detail and form is one of my favorite things about him. He doesn't want you to get hurt and does want you to get the most out of your workout. 

Kelly K.

The Training Spot Reza S.

This is a top-notch gym, run by really good people. Matt is a class act and really cares about his clients.

Reza S.

The Training Spot Dominique C.

I have been transformed both physically and mentally working with Evan at Training Spot. Working out used to be a stress inducing chore. I was constantly comparing myself to other people in the gym and beating myself up for not making more progress. Since coming to Training Spot and working with Evan on my individual goals, I am empowered to continue strengthening my body and mind. Working out as an individual with knowledgeable coaching from Evan has completely changed my mindset. The gym is now a place where I can relieve stress and invest in my well being. With Evan’s coaching I met my most recent goal, to feel strong and beautiful on my wedding day, and to wear a bikini on my honeymoon.

Dominique C.

The Training Spot Rebecca C.

I had a fantastic experience with The Training Spot! My trainer Aaron made getting up early in the morning a piece of cake, which was something I was never motivated enough to do in the past. He pushed me to reach my goals and have fun while doing it. I definitely recommend the T spot and Aaron to anyone!

Rebecca C.

The Training Spot Mike T.

Paul and his awesome team at the Training Spot have been amazing in helping me achieve my goals. I have always struggled to keep myself accountable and they make this happen for me.  They keep me focused, working hard and I always feel I can accomplish my goals with their coaching.

Mike T.

The Training Spot Kevin W.

The Training Spot is what it says it is!! If you want results you need to give them a call! They will change your life for the better!

Kevin W.

The Training Spot Natalie M.

I completed what was called the Take-Down Challenge aka Kick Start Program successfully. Several years later I am back for another round and was very anxious to start. I was amazed at the T-spot before but coming back I am even more impressed with the support and genuine care they all put into each member, "challenger" or even stranger. I highly recommend The Training Spot to anyone who is looking to have their life changed with the learned and provided tools to implement a healthy lifestyle with true results.

Natalie M.

The Training Spot Lauren T.

I began working out at the Training Spot a few years ago with Matt. When I started, I hadn't worked out in a long time and was having trouble breathing. My first session was brutal, but I continued coming back for each session and became more encouraged as time went by. I've now lost over 30 pounds of fat and have changed my eating habits completely. Thank you so much TSpot for giving me the skills and training that I needed! I would recommend this place to anyone.

Lauren T.

The Training Spot Brooke C.

If you want a challenging workout and you’re not getting the results you want on your own, the T-spot is the place for you! Professional and kind, the staff there have your best interest in mind, and aim to help you reach your goals!

Brooke C.

The Training Spot David W.

I really like these guys. Not only are they solid certified trainers with good locations and equipment, they are really good at ' building community'.  By that I mean they create a following, give back, are great citizens and nice people.  Family business and you will quickly feel like you are part of their family.  Love what you are doing Matt!

David W.

The Training Spot James B.

Maybe the most important thing is the t-Spot changed my life!  I started almost 5 years ago because I was kinda talked into it.  Sure I was fat, hurt in way too many places but hey, I was living the good life!  Today I am 30 pounds lighter and in the best shape in my life (okay for the last 4 decades anyway).  I have made a lifetime commitment because I see too many of my friends "decaying" and not living.  I enjoy life more because of the workout I get and the friends I have made.  Thanks, Diane and thanks to Paul for setting the example. 

James B.

The Training Spot John V.

Thanks for getting me back in the game! After some health issues and a surgery my fitness level had fallen WAY off my previous standards. Overweight, weak, no energy, etc. Thanks to The Training Spot and particularly my trainer Matt for getting me back on track. Lots of work still to do, but already already seeing great results!

John V.

The Training Spot Christian F.

I love how this gym is family owned and operated, it definitely gives you a good feeling walking into that environment! All the trainers here are very knowledgeable and have a passion to help and educate. Overall the facility is very clean and parking is easy with no hassle! I would recommend this to anyone!

Christian F.

The Training Spot Kristina L.

Had a great time training at the Gothard location over the summer with Evan!  I'm a collegiate student athlete, and I came in with my summer lifting program and Evan was great with helping me follow my training plan and even came up with extra ab workouts for me to do afterwards!  Quick and efficient, would recommend for other student athletes! My mom trained here previously as well and really enjoyed her sessions.

Kristina L.

The Training Spot James W.

If you are looking to accomplish some health and fitness goals, this is the place to go! I don't know anywhere with as much experience as The Training Spot at getting clients to their goals and helping them actually maintain it!

James W.

The Training Spot Sean April

Amazing and fun atmosphere while helping you reach and go beyond your health goals. They are a family owned gym and make sure to always put you first, teaching and guiding you through your workouts to maximize your results.

Sean April

The Training Spot Cherice D.

My trainer is excellent and attentive and the staff makes you feel like family.

Cherice D.

The Training Spot Brookie C.

If you want a challenging workout and you’re not getting the results you want on your own, the T-spot is the place for you!  Professional and kind, the staff there have your best interest in mind, and aim to help you reach your goals!

Brookie C.

The Training Spot Trish M.

So glad to be back. I do the 6 am Bootcamp during the week at Manning Park. It kicks your butt! I love it. All the staff Is excellent. They know what they r doing and they can make it work for your specific needs! Thank you T-Spot for all the knowledge and support you've given me over the years!

Trish M.

The Training Spot Chasen E.

I came here to work on my flexibility and core strength, very happy so far!

Chasen E.

The Training Spot Nicole S.

Paul & Carolyn are the best of the best! Tons of experience, great results, awesome leadership. Look no further - you've found your fitness solution!

Nicole S.

The Training Spot Sean K.

Love coming here, always pushing me to be better.  Give it a couple months, you’ll see some results!!

Sean K.

The Training Spot Jessica P.

The Training Spot has it going on. Their team is super impressive and the training programs are great. Hands down the place to be if you want serious results.

Jessica P.

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