How Our Client Jon Lost 50 lbs and Got His Confidence Back! | Personal Training Huntington Beach

How Our Client Jon Lost 50 lbs and Got His Confidence Back! | Personal Training Huntington Beach

6 Months ago, Jon decided to commit to working with us simply to become happy and feel confident in his own skin again. He made the decision to surround himself with like-minded people who are also working towards their own health & fitness goals and who could inspire and motivate him. Together with an easy-to-follow fitness and nutrition plan, Jon was able to lose 50 lbs, to gain strength, and most of all: to get his confidence back! 


Read more about Jon’s story in his own words below! 

I started training here at the T-Spot in January. At the time I was extremely overweight and out of shape. I have never spent any time in a gym or "working out", and I'm 62 years old. Well, I have been training with Aaron 3 days a week for an hour. Aaron has really been responsible for my newfound commitment, progress, and early success. He is personable and attentive, but more importantly highly experienced and qualified!! Aaron explains and demonstrates all the different individual exercises and sets, as well as the health and fitness benefits that they provide me.

I am now almost 6 months in and I would like to report that I am down 50 pounds and feeling healthier than I have in many, many years. In the short amount of time I’ve been coming I have had a chance to meet many of TSpot’s staff, Matt and the other Trainers and Nutritionist have all been genuinely friendly and supportive. I look forward to the workouts and have gained the confidence to actually start setting new life goals for myself. For now, I’m committed to losing an additional 25 pounds while building muscle mass and increasing my overall strength and stamina. Many thanks Aaron!
- Jon


Here is what trainer Aaron has to say about his training and coaching experience with Jon:

I have been working with Jon since the beginning of the year and we have accomplished some pretty amazing goals in 6 months. To date, Jon has lost 50lbs and is still dropping! Every single session Jon comes in the gym ready to work and pushes himself as hard as he can. Never once have I seen him slow down on his fitness or nutrition, this man is checked in 100%. His 50+lbs weight loss is well deserved! Congratulations Jon and keep up the amazing work.
- Aaron


This is living proof that if you follow our plan and surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you WILL get amazing results and an even more amazing lifestyle transformation. Be like Jon, and take action today if you want to look and feel better than you have in years!


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