KICKSTART Success Story: Trina | 8 Years Later...

KICKSTART Success Story: Trina | 8 Years Later...

When Trina came in to see what the Balanced Habits KICK START program was, she was frustrated.


Frustrated with her body and her inability to get back to her pre-baby weight. So frustrated she went to a Bariatric Surgery Center to inquire about what it would take to qualify for the LAP Band surgery. The doctor there actually told her she would need to gain about 30 pounds to qualify for the surgery and to have 2 documented medical conditions associated with obesity.  If she met those requirements, she could come back for re-evaluation!


Instead, Trina, who inherently knew this was insane, came to us and took action in a complete opposite direction! And guess what happened? Not only did Trina lose the baby weight she had been struggling with, but she also regained her confidence and desire to get fit too!


Eight years later and Trina has not only maintained her weight loss, but she has turned into a runner and now competes in local races with her husband.  She proudly told us she was on her third pair of sneakers! She is shining example to her young daughter and an incredible testament to the power of Trina!


Are you ready to take action and become an example of personal accountability and healthy lifestyle to the people in your life that you love?


If “yes,” then book your free consultation today and see how we can help create a younger, healthier version of yourself.

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