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Give…always. Sure, pick and choose to be sure your donations of time, money and talents are
given to those in need, but give…always.

We have been given much in our lives and should give back. Especially for a group like our wounded warriors who have given so much!
One of the reasons why I like Pushups For Charity so much is that it’s also a great reason to bring people together, building awareness and camaraderie at the same time through fitness.

I take my clues on giving from Carolyn who is always the first one to raise her hand and roll up her sleeves to help someone, or some cause. Even in times when we were struggling financially or were pushed to our limits with time constraints, she would say, “We are blessed in many other ways and should continue to give anything we can.”
The best giving sometimes is of service, my friend and Dentist Ron Jurgensen has gone to many 3rd world countries to give his time as a dentist, there are amazing pictures all over his office from these countries, and in every picture you see the people he has helped smiling and laughing! There is no standard, or rule of thumb for giving, just know there is a huge payoff when you’ve made a difference in someone’s life who needed it.

I read an analogy once from a friend of mine who wrote, the Dead Sea is “dead” because water only flows into it and nothing flows away from it. It dies because it takes, takes and takes but does not give. (Dan John)

For those of you who have already donated to our Pushups For Charity event, thank you. For anyone wishing to donate, you can do so by going here:

If you would like to help raise money by participating you can go here:
See ya in the back parking lot at Main St., at 10 am, on May 19th, come out and cheer your friends and trainers on and be part of an awesome cause!


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