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Just when you thought you were in shape…

I‘ve always prided myself in being “in shape” but what does that really mean? To look like you can lift a truck? (Mike) Is it to have big muscles? (Me) Or, to be able to run a marathon? (Carolyn) How about, having really low body fat? (Diane) How about your cardiovascular fitness? There are many definitions of being in shape. The question is more, what’s good for you?

This is exactly why we started the T-PROTOCOL; we felt like in order for our clients to be truly fit and in shape, they need something more than just strength and cardio training, they need more functional strength and conditioning. So like everything else we do at the TSpot, we got all the trainers together and brain stormed about how to create a unique training system that you could only find at The Training Spot, something no one else was doing, our secret protocol. (pro’to-kol) an explicit, detailed plan of a procedure, or test. One of our core values at the TSpot is, “continuously learn and grow” this is a very exciting time for us. Maybe you’ve noticed your training moving in this direction already, with sandbells, resistant bands, hurdles, ropes, stop watches…we are already training you this way.

But we wanted to develop this elite, limited class, T-PROTOCOL is a nonstop hour of, I mean movements, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 sets, with little rest of crazy hard movements. Yes, it’s hard; you will sweat, a lot! It’s not for everyone, but that’s okay, we will continue to give you the training benefits of the protocol during your regular training sessions because it will make you younger, stronger and healthier at any age.

So, Just when I thought I was in shape…I took one of our T-PROTOCOL classes and realized I still had a ways to go, however, I will continue on for my quest of being “in shape”.


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