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What makes a “5 Star Gym Experience” these days? There are many options to choose from when you start contemplating about going to the gym. No matter where you go or what you hope to accomplish, it should always come down to a dedicated team assembled to help you reach the goals you set for yourself. Here at our personal training studio The Training Spot in Huntington Beach, Orange County, we specialize in employing people who are hospitable and genuinely care about our clients’ wants and needs.

These days, you’ve probably noticed banners, flags, truck advertising and even hand-written signs of gyms in and around the industrial parts of Huntington Beach. While these warehouse gyms serve a purpose, do they serve your purpose? Do they have a single trainer who offers only his or her individual philosophy? While warehouse gym prices may be appealing, will you be sacrificing your goal(s) by not having a team to support you?

A well-rounded team is what separates a “5 Star Gym Experience” from all the others. They exhibit professionalism, experts in the fields of health and fitness, an atmosphere that supports comfort, nutrition advice, cleanliness, water, coffee, towel service, a caring staff and a family like a camaraderie. Going to a gym where you truly feel that you belong and are recognized for your effort just to arrive is what a “5 Star Gym Experience” is all about!

Studies have been done on the various fitness options offered and the attrition-rate of each type of facility. Here are the results: “Big Box” fitness centers are driven by their membership and literally plan on the majority to quit within the first three months! That is extremely sad! Next in line is the “warehouse” fitness trend. Trends come and go, therefore they never form a solid foundation for continuous success.

Forming a solid foundation allows a business to be vital to the local community by supporting clients’ businesses and their children’s schools (offering services of personal training and nutrition for their fundraisers and community events). That’s the great thing about building a business that is here for the long run, it gives back and supports the community and its families.

The highest percentage of achievement and successful clientele comes from smaller fitness centers with a highly qualified staff of certified fitness trainers and a present, active owner. These types of studios tend to offer a vast array of services, all related to the clients feeling well taken care of. They tend to be result-oriented, ensuring that each client reaches their goals. The key to a successful gym is to make a strong connection with the members where they understand that they are offered more than just a workout.

Whatever your ideal is, make sure to do your research before jumping into something you don’t feel is in your best interest. Saving a buck isn’t always the best motivation when making a decision to tackle your health and fitness needs. Look for a reputable center with a long and successful track record. Look for a center that meets all of your needs, not just your pocketbook. You deserve the very best, consider a “5 Star Gym Experience.”

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