Lose Weight With Your Spouse

Lose Weight With Your Spouse

There’s no getting around it. The road to weight loss can be a bumpy one, but much like life’s other journeys the going can be smoother when you have someone to share the trip.
Are you committed to following a healthy eating plan? Do you have a regular exercise plan? Are you ready to think positive and commit to building a supportive atmosphere to get healthier and lose weight together with your spouse?

Often, we sabotage ourselves by thinking we have to do everything on our own. However, for those of us who are married, we have the built in support structure with our spouses. For me, Carolyn has been the rock I can count on when I need a pep talk for working out or dieting for a competition. Plus we have a deal. “Don’t ever ask me twice if I want something “bad” to eat.” I can always decline once, but if you ask me again my no answer starts to weaken, and if you end it with, “Oh come on just one?” I’m toast.

Do your spouse’s methods lean more towards teasing you into doing it rather than giving you a pep talk? There is research that proves losing weight together not only provides you with health benefits but also increases intimacy and familial relationships. There’s also a greater chance of success when you and your spouse are working together towards a shared goal.

Consider for a moment that when you’re working together with your spouse you’re far less likely to sabotage your diet or fitness plan because:

• You have someone supporting you on your journey
• You have company for that morning or evening walk
• You have someone encouraging you and laughing with you
• You can enjoy impressing each other as you strive to reach your goals
• You don’t have to be tempted by what they are eating because you are eating the same foods
• You can create meals together and share the enjoyment of the preparation
• You have a fantastic excuse to spend time together that doesn’t involve chores, responsibilities or your kids

There are many different studies out there that support this theory of working out or participating in a weight loss program with your spouse as your fitness partner. One study found that husbands who joined their wives’ weight loss program were actually far more helpful in keeping their wife on track and on observing their wife’s eating habits as well as their own.
Another study found that when spouses’ sign up for a weight loss program and work together they were 65% more successful than their single counterparts. Have you ever dedicated yourself to a fitness or weight loss program with your spouse?

I know that I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without the love and support from Carolyn during the many years of clean eating and training. Did you know that every time we hold our infamous weight loss challenge called the TakeDown, Carolyn does it with you? She is with you every step of the way on your journey to better health.
It doesn’t matter whether you want or need to lose weight, a healthy lifestyle benefits everyone. The bottom line is, do it together.


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