Let's look back..

Let's look back..

The start of a new year feels so momentous, 365 brand-new days with no mistakes in them. There’s so much opportunity stretched out in front of us: to live up to our full potential at work, to make that extra effort at home, to repair bonds with family and friends and, finally, to make time for ourselves.

Before we start making New Year resolution how about we look back first and congratulate ourselves on what we’ve accomplished over the last year?

First let’s look at your training sessions. Even if you haven’t been completely committed all year, you are still a younger version of yourself. Have you read “Younger Next Year” by Henry S. Lodge, M.D.? It’s a great book that I highly recommend reading. At the Training Spot your training sessions are worth about double the efficiency of trying to do it alone, do I need to remind you how hard you’ve trained? Good job!
Like I always say, “Even training once a week is 100% more than nothing.”

Don’t beat yourself up for missing workouts, just get back on track as soon as you can. Every new day is a chance to get it right. Revisit your commitment to your health and remember success happens in EVERY choice we make and EVERY action we take. Make smarter choices… and take smarter actions… you will find success a great deal more frequently.
No one is a success all the time. In fact, even the most successful people FAIL as often as they SUCCEED. The difference is they keep taking action.

This has never been truer than with nutrition. My famous quote about nutrition is, “You’re only as good or as bad as your last meal.” What this means is, you have an opportunity to get it right every meal, remember, make smarter choices… and take smarter actions.
Did you participate in the TakeDown™ Challenge? Then you should congratulate yourself on taking the steps to learn more about nutrition!
Did you know most people find the greatest success after doing the TDC two or three times?
It’s a learning process. You don’t need to be perfect to have great success with nutrition.

Lastly, congratulations to our community we call the Training Spot. One of the most enjoyable times for me personally is to see our clients supporting each other in their endeavor for better health and fitness. You embrace new people coming in, you inspire our staff with your efforts, you’re continuously learning, and most important you participate in life!

You all are capable of great things. Keep up the good work!

“The real contest is always between what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing. You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else.” Geoffrey Gaberino

Let’s have a magnificent 2013 together!


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