15 tips for portion control

15 tips for portion control

Losing weight can feel like an impossible task, particularly if your diet appears to be healthy. If you’re aiming for weight loss in Huntington Beach, The Training Spot can provide the tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals.

1) Snacking may seem like the enemy, but regular small snacks can stop you overeating, as well curb cravings.
2) Use scales and measuring cups to ensure that you’re eating the correct portion sizes.
3) Invest in portion control crockery, or find out how much your dishes hold.
4) Learn to accurately estimate the size of servings for when you don’t have measuring tools on hand.
5) When making tea or coffee, add the milk before the hot water to better gauge how much milk goes in.
6) Repackage food at home into single portions. This ensures that next time you make pasta you’ll know how many portions you’re making.
7) Weight loss in Huntington Beach can be problematic if you regularly eat out. If meals are prepared by someone else, it can be difficult to estimate how large the portions are, and it is nearly impossible to guess the calorie count.
8) Get a doggy bag rather than overeating.
9) Avoid all-you-can-eat buffets.
10) When in doubt, add vegetables. Eating vegetables before the rest of your meal helps to control your overall calorie intake.
11) Be careful when measuring oil, even healthy ones such as olive oil.
12) It may seem obvious, but stop eating well before you feel uncomfortably full.
13) Be wary of boredom eating!
14) Keep a food diary.
15) Don’t forget that beverages contain calories too.

Achieving weight loss in Huntington Beach, like in any beach town, can seem particularly important, as there are few better feelings than being comfortable enough with your body in swimwear. Following these tips will help you on your way.

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