Get Your Mind Right

Get Your Mind Right

It’s important to understand how much our attitudes affect our minds and our workouts. Yes, we all know lifting weights and doing cardio are not the easiest things in the world but we do it because it’s good for our health and helps us look good too. The reward that comes from being active is the reason why gym goers choose to get their butt kicked in the gym. Have you ever found yourself in the midst of those last couple reps of lifting heavy weights and out of frustration because it’s so challenging, you slam those weights down? Well, maybe you’re not that dramatic, but I’m positive that we all must have gone through times where we feel like it’s just too much struggle. Getting frustrated can lead to developing a sour attitude and having that attitude can drive one to quit. You’ve probably heard Paul say, “When you think about quitting, remember why you started.” So when you start getting frustrated, remember why you started in order to avoid thoughts of quitting altogether.

You’ve heard the saying, “Where the mind goes, the body follows.” This is very true in all aspects of life, for this article I want to apply it to working out. When we make the choice to be active, the goal is to stick with it. When the going gets tough, we shouldn’t complain or whine but carry on because we made the choice to be active and healthy. Having the attitude of, “this is too hard” only makes it feel harder. Instead, say to yourself, “You got this..just a few more.” If we can always stay in a happy place throughout the struggle then the workouts will flow, they will be great and we will leave the gym happy as ever knowing we did our best.

Madeline Murphy

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