Tips on Toning

Tips on Toning

Exercise is not just about burning fat, it’s also about toning up too. Why not try out the following simple toning tricks in your personal training in Orange County to target some of the key areas you struggle with.

Two top areas clients look to tone are their arms and inner thighs. Why not try using resistance bands as part of your routine to tone up your arms during your personal training in Orange County. Place your feet flat on the floor hip-width apart, and place the bands under your feet. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, lift the ends of the resistance bands high, really feeling the resistance to help you focus on keeping each movement precise to hit every muscle – try out some bicep curls and lateral raises to really target and tone the arm and shoulder area. Repeat until you feel the burn!

For that tricky inner thigh area, why not give this a try. A deep squat is fantastic – maximize this move by having a weight in each hand. Again, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and slowly lower yourself into the squat, holding the position for a few seconds before coming back to standing. Another great way to target inner thigh fat is to use a Swiss ball to help – this is also great for toning your abs and butt. Lie on your side with arms crossed in front of you for support. Place a large Swiss ball between your legs, and steadily raise it to the sky and down again. Do as many reps as you comfortably can!

Whether you are still looking to lose weight or have reached your target, toning your body is just as important as burning fat. With The Training Spot our personal training in Orange County will let you reap the rewards of not only feeling great but looking great too.

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