Over 50? Improve Your Quality of Life With Strength Training

Over 50? Improve Your Quality of Life With Strength Training

Improving over 50’s quality of life is important for us as personal trainers in Huntington beach and strength training is a great way to achieve that. Many of our clients are in the best shape of their life aged over 50.

What is strength training?

It’s a series of progressive exercises designed to work your bones, muscles, and joints using resistance. This can include free weights, machine weights, hand and ankle weights, or even your own body weight. Strength training will strengthen your muscles, increase joint flexibility and retain bone density.

Will you end up with big muscles?

Your body fat will be reduced and your muscles will become defined. Regular strength training will improve your flexibility, balance, heart, health and the strength and function of muscles and bones.

Is strength training just for young people?

No. Lots of older people do strength training, many with personal trainers in Huntington beach.

Do I have to be strong all ready to do it?

Absolutely not. Strength training can help even if you are frail, as age is no barrier. Your body will respond to strength training no matter what your age or current fitness level.

What are the benefits?

Strength training will help to better manage and reduce the risk of many health conditions including arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, anxiety and chronic heart disease. Personal trainers in Huntington beach have reported that their clients have more strength, energy and have increased confidence and ease undertaking their daily tasks in life. Being strong definitely helps you have a longer, higher quality of life.

Strength training makes you look and feel better and keeps you doing the things you like doing for longer. As one of the most experienced and dedicated personal trainers in Huntington beach, contact us today for advice on training to stay young and healthy.

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