Follow our workout tips for better bone health

Follow our workout tips for better bone health

It’s easy to think that exercise is all about building muscle mass. In fact, it is just as important to build up bone density. Every time you stand up, your skeleton is expected to support the full weight of your body. But we often forget to include bone-building exercises in our fitness regimes. Injury prevention training in Huntington Beach with The Training Spot focuses on bone health as a way of protecting against future injuries.

1. Change up your routine

Keep bones healthy by mixing up your exercise regime. Once a week, try something new. Instead of your usual trip to the gym, try a yoga class, or go swimming. Challenge your body to move in different directions and with varying degrees of resistance.

2. Use your weight

Injury prevention training in Huntington Beach often focuses on strength training as a means of protecting your body. Use your own body weight to create resistance in core and cardio exercise, and see if your bones are up to the task!

3. Walk another way

The chances are you will be getting most of your day to day exercise from walking, but your gait pattern can impact on your bones. Any specialist in injury prevention training in Huntington Beach knows the importance of technique. Improve your gait, and you can improve your posture, your balance and your bone density without even breaking a sweat.

4. Get on your feet

Practice balance exercises and strength training on your legs and feet. When you are in a standing position, your bones are supporting the full weight of your body, so you should always incorporate some running, walking or stretches into your regular workout.

Practice balance exercises such as the Tree Post in yoga, to improve your posture and strengthen your skeleton.

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