Five step guide to strength training

Five step guide to strength training

For those seeking female fitness in Huntington Beach – ladies, you are being spoon fed an inaccurate diet about health and fitness! Fad diets and quick fixes won't work.

The way achieve maximal health, lose weight, get in shape and become toned is simple; you need to build muscle and keep a balanced diet! Follow our five-step guide to strength training, revolutionizing female fitness in Huntington Beach:

1. Increasing weights, the key to female fitness in Huntington Beach

Weight is relative to an individual, but by pushing yourself to lift heavier weights you can facilitate muscle growth, toning, an increased metabolism and more manageable menstrual period, far quicker than lifting easy dumbbells. For maximum strength, fitness and health you should be lifting heavy weights every week.

2. Variety is key

You will plateau, and your muscles will not get stronger or develop if you do not regularly vary your routines. Keep your body and mind engaged with different training exercises to enable maximum strength gains and enjoyment.

3. Focus on weaknesses

Everyone has their own particular weaknesses and with females, they often lie in the inner and outer thighs, triceps, shoulders and mid-upper back. Working on your strengths is easy, so put the hard work into your weaknesses, twice a week, for maximum gains.

4. Upper body focus!

We need to focus two days a week to upper body strength training, no excuses! Women tend to be weakest in our upper body and without regular training these muscles will deteriorate quicker.

5. Pushy partners

Without pushing yourself you won’t get stronger, develop more muscle or become toned; therefore, training with people who push you past your goals set new challenges, whether it’s a coach or a friend, will see you reap your just rewards!

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