Are you using this Band-Aid?

Are you using this Band-Aid?

Working in the gym as personal trainers here in Huntington Beach, Orange County, we always hear people worrying that they will fall off the training wagon when they go on vacation. We also hear people say they don’t have time to get to the gym for their workout and get stressed out because they are breaking their routine. The answer to these issues is simple… BANDS! You can take them anywhere with you, fit them in your suitcases, gym bag, briefcase and even a purse.

For those of you on vacation, yes, there are gyms at some of the places you may be staying. But, you may want to do a quick band routine in your hotel room.
For those of you stuck at work or home and can’t get to the gym, you can also do a quick band routine in your home or office during break.

Here are some great moves that the personal trainers at The Training Spot in Huntington Beach incorporate in their workout routines and you can do them in your band routine:
You will need a door anchor and bands. Door anchor goes in between the crack of the door, then shut the door and it is secure and you are good to go! If you are not sure which bands to use, ask one of the Training Spot trainers.

3 sets at 8 reps each: Chest Press
1 set – 10 reps: Flys
3 sets – 10 reps: Rows
1 set – 15 reps: Back Flys
3 sets – 15 reps: Squats
2 sets – 10 reps: Curls (stand on bands
and curl. Use one leg for less resistance)
2 sets – 8 reps: Skull Crushers (lower door
Anchor and lay down)
2 sets – 10 reps: Tricep Extensions
2 sets – 8 reps: Shoulder Press (Stand on
Bands, keep handles on shoulders and
Press up)
2 sets – 8 reps: Lateral Raises
1 set – 10 reps: Up Right Row
3 sets – 10 reps: Calf Raises
3 sets – 20 reps: Weighted Crunches

*For some of the exercises you are not familiar
with, you can google image search them. This will
pull up images and even videos for you to see and

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