Six Pack Advice From Our Personal Trainers in Huntington Beach

Are you trying to strengthen your core by doing crunches after crunches? Crunches only work your abs, and that’s only a part of your core. There are a lot more muscles that come into play that help stabilize your spine: your lower back and obliques are two others. Let’s go over some core exercises that we do here in Huntington Beach, Orange Country at The Training Spot that will give you the core strength that you are trying to work towards:plank

Planks: Planks are great for working your entire core all at the same time. Start with holding this position for 30 seconds. Repeat it 5 times. Once you feel that you are able to hold for longer, start increasing your hold time to 60 seconds and above. The personal trainers at The Training Spot, make sure to have their clients do planks, or exercises that incorporate planks regularly because it’s one of the greatest core exercises.


Back Extensions: This exercise is great for strengthening the lower back. When you lean forward make sure to lean all the way down and on the up, move all the way until your back is even with your legs, don’t go up too far where you are rounding your back. You’ll feel the sweet spot when you do them and understand where you need to stop. 12-15 repetitions/ 4 sets.


Slide Windshield Wipers: You need a pair of valslides, or towels on a tile or hardwood floor will work just fine too. Get into a plank position, but this time on your hands. Move one leg at a time to your side. Aim for 8-15 per side and repeat 4 times.

These specific exercises are what our personal trainers in Huntington Beach practice and are ideal for strengthening your core. Along with these movements, we also make sure to get our clients strong in big movements such as squats, deadlifts, presses and push-ups because these exercises challenge the core to the max and that’s what’s going to assist in creating that strong core and that perfect posture we all want.
Along with great posture, here are some other benefits of having a strong core:

• Increased balance and stability
• Having a strong core stabilizer enables you to maximize strength in your arms and legs
• Prevents injuries because it keeps your body aligned, minimizing the strain on your muscles and joints


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