This Mistake Is The REAL Reason Your Body Is Stuck And You Can’t Lose Weight

This is an eye-opening story for anyone who has ever tired to lose weight, with the result being the only thing they lost was the will to continue.

Moreover, it reveals the ONE big mistake most people make when they attempt a weight loss program.

It’s the real reason your body gets stuck, and can’t lose weight.

Envision 17 women and three men averaging 38 years of age.

Each have volunteered to take part in a study to see what would happen on a very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) mixed with two different kinds of exercise.

But not just any old kind of low calorie diet.

This was one of those extreme liquid diets — you know, the kind that would make you want to pull you hair out within 24 to 48 hours.

But it gets worse, because the participants were only allowed 800 calories daily — for 12 weeks!

Now, before I continue,  if you think an 800 calorie, liquid diet, for 12 weeks is in your best interest, I hope you’ll call me so we can have a reasonable discussion first.

But in the meantime, getting back to our story, these men and women were split into two groups.

Let’s call the first group, Crashed & Burned.

And the second group, Built & Toned.

Crashed & Burned exercised 1 hour a day, 3 days a week, by walking, riding a bike, or climbing stairs.

Built & Toned worked out with weights 3 days a week, on 10 different stations.

Over the next 12 weeks, Crashed & Burned, well crashed and burned.

Crashed & Burned 10 bodies collectively LOST 112.5 pounds … of MUSCLE! (The report uses the term Lean Body Weight)

Wait! Wasn’t that supposed to be fat?

That’s an average of 11.2 pounds of lost muscle (LBW) per person!

That means their ability to burn fat as fuel on a daily bases dropped by a staggering 13.4 percent.

Think about that.

You diet hard — and I mean hard! — you exercise diligently 3 days a week, and you commit to it all for 12 weeks … only to lose your precious muscle and the ability to burn fat.

In other words, you Crashed & Burned.

In the meantime, Built & Toned bodies didn’t lose a single pound of muscle!

In fact, they lost FAT and actually increased their ability to burn more fat on a daily bases by 4%.

Again, think about that.

Crashed & Burned group lost the ability to burn fat by 13.4 percent, while Built & Toned increased their ability to burn fat by 4%.

It all means that if you are NOT lifting weights and strength training, the weight you lose could be the most vital, shapely and figure defining muscle you need.

To prevent such wasting of your muscle tissue on a diet, and to lose all the fat you need as easily as you gained it, simply follow The Training Spots recommendations: eat real food, watch your portion sizes, and contact us about our TakeDown Challenge and TakeDown Lifestyle nutrition programs.




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