Living Beneath Your Privileges?

What you need to know:

1) If you are suffering from blood pressure, carrying excess body fat, lack bone density, have elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, lack flexibility, and if your muscles look more like drapery than the shapely tissue they are designed to be, you are living beneath your privileges.

2)  You are — right now — located at one of three spots on a health continuum timeline: sickness, wellness, or fitness.

3) Your beliefs — not your knowledge, will or logic — will determine your future health.

If somehow, you’ll trust me the use of logic to win you over emotionally, you need to let me do that right now.

It’s for your own wellbeing.

And look, I have no disillusions this will be an easy task because I know I’m fighting an uphill battle for a place in your mind.

You see, I can’t — nobody can — logically get you to change your mind by appealing your logical, rational mind.

It’s virtually impossible.

The truth is, you’ll only change your mind about something when it finally makes sense to you — emotionally — to change your mind.


The only hope using logic has in changing a current belief system is for it to wiggle its way into your emotional identity.

It has to become a part of you.

As logical thinking and rational creatures of higher intelligence, we hate the idea that we are driven by our emotions.

We want more than anything to be seen as respectable, logical, wise and knowledgeable decision makers.

But don’t you see, even that desire is driven by emotion.

I belabor the point because your strongest emotions become your strongest beliefs.

Or maybe it’s the other way around … our beliefs become our emotions.

Either say, they end up ruling our lives. And sometimes ruining them.

When you have wrong beliefs about your health …

You are living beneath your rights, privileges and potential.

That’s why I hope you’ll allow this article to become an “ah-ha” moment of clarity.

Because all the logic in the world won’t convince you to change a bad habit.

It’s going to take something deeper, something much more meaningful to you.

In other words, your best thinking will let you down until it becomes a vital, emotional part of your world-view … until it becomes one your soul’s deepest held beliefs.

Universal truth: We routinely act on our strongest, most intense beliefs in any given moment — knowledge and logic be damned — despite the consequences that may be associated with the decision, good or bad.

We need to look no further than the people in our lives who know that eating overly processed foods is not healthy.

Everyone knows that and yet they still eat junk food like it’s going out of style … at the expense of their waistlines.

I hope I’m making my point that people have all the knowledge they need to avoid risky behaviors and engage in life-liberating activities.

But alas, humans still engage in unprotected sex, chain-smoking, overeating, not exercising and other beliefs we’d rather label as bad habits.

The thought of needing to break a habit is an easier pill to swallow than thinking we have to change our core beliefs. Right?

Beliefs, however, are rules of action. A belief is a habit.

Bad habits are built on dangerous beliefs. Good habits, healthy beliefs.

Why are we like this?

Well, humans can be broken like that.

How else do you explain the habit of emotional eating at the expense of health?

Or, overeating at dinner — again — and not controlling proportion sizes?

Or, eating junk food as a stable of diet, even as pant and dress sizes continue to expand?

Sure, there are multiple reasons for such actions, but here’s what I hope you’ll take away from this:

All your actions are all shrouded in an emotional belief.
Even if that belief is wrong or temporary.

Your emotional beliefs will drive your decisions far more than your logic and knowledge alone.

Right now, you are somewhere on this continuum.

Think about that. Where are you on this line?

If you currently fall under the “wellness” continuum, don’t celebrate too quickly.

You’re still living under your privileges.

That’s because you are only one step away from “sickness.”

You know you are not as strong, and vibrant as you could be.

You know you have more to offer the world, if only you had more energy, more stamina, and more strength.


If you have earned your way into the “fitness” category, then you are doing all you can possibly do to help add a double layer of protection from all diseases.

You are living up to your potential and you can more confidently face the future, and whatever life may toss in your lap.

But if, however, you currently find yourself in the “sickness” category, don’t despair just yet, because there is still hope!

You see, fitness forgives, nutrition heals, and strength repairs.

Fitness Forgives

Any way you look at it, regaining your fitness forgives a multiple of sedentary sins.

Take, for example, restoring proper circulation. You can pop a fist full of vitamins and supplements and it’ll do you no good if you have poor circulation.

And what is the single best way to get fit and have your circulation flowing freely through your veins again? Research proves that weight lifting, i.e. strength training program is best overall.

Nutrition Heals

Proper nutrition will be the best medicine your body ever gets.

Death begins in the colon, as they say, but so does health and healing!

It’s vital to understand that you are not what you eat … you are what you absorb.

If your digestive system absorbs toxins, those poisons are flushed into every vein, indeed every cell of your body.

Proper nutrition does the same but brings healing to every cell. You are what you absorb.

Strength Repairs

A scientific and individualized strength program restores integrity and function to joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Becoming stronger soothes low back pain, arthritic pain, and muscular weakness.

Plus, the stronger you become, the tighter, more toned and firm your muscles become.

That means you look great in your clothes as well as in your swimsuit.

Finally, greater strength means you can serve a greater purpose.

And that, my dear reader, is what I want you to build your beliefs around.

It’s what I hope you’ll get emotional about.

It’s what I hope changes your life.

My best,


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