There's A Reason You've Failed With Diest, and Trust Me, It's Not Why You Think (Part 2)

In the Orange County Journal of Health & Fitness, I wrote an article with this same title, (You can request a copy sent to you free of charge by clicking here), revealing why diet’s fail .

Unless you’ve already read the article, the reason people fail with diets is probably not for the reason you think.

You see, most people think that they fail with diets because they lack willpower, discipline or the desire to follow though.

They take the blame on themselves for the failure.

In my estimation, a lack of willpower is not at all the reason for failure.

I’m not alone in my belief, either.

Alex Lickerman, M.D. and author of the book, The Undefeated Mind, wrote an article in psychology today that explains an interesting take on the problem of willpower for weight loss.

When people tell him they have a lack of willpower, he tells them that weak willpower isn’t what caused the failure.

What caused the failure was the decision to use willpower in the first place.

Contemplate that last sentence.

According to Dr. Lickerman, “Will power is the weakest of mental forces.”

As proof, he sites research showing willpower fatigues with use — not in days, but in mere hours.

In my own estimation, the real reason for a diets downfall can almost always be traced back to one basic, primal reason … the ability to tap into one of the most dependable, powerful and natural drives in the human body.


Let’s be honest, if a diet fails to provide you with the ability to experience pleasure, it’s doomed to fail.

Thats because humans cannot deny their natural desire for pleasure for very long, nor should they.

If your food isn’t giving you the pleasure your mind craves, no amount of willpower will be able overcome it for long.

So, what do we do with this information, and how can we make it practical in losing weight and keeping it off?

Make your food as pleasurable as you need it — indulge in it — then be reasonable.

Reasonable portions, that’s the trick.

But what do you do when you’ve reached your “pleasure limit,” of chocolate cake, but still want more of it?

Or when you’ve just finished your first plate of food at a holiday gathering, and want to go back for seconds?

Or when you know you shouldn’t have that extra beer or glass of wine?

After all, all those are pleasurable, right?

And I just said to indulge in your pleasure, right?

But remember, I also said to be reasonable. Right?

So, here’s an interesting conundrum: You REALLY desire that second piece of cake, but know you shouldn’t eat it.

What do you do? Depend upon willpower?

Dr. Lickerman has an interesting and better idea.

To resist a tempting pleasure, don’t try to resist it — that’s depending upon willpower.

Instead, fight fire with fire by distracting yourself with (and I repeat), the most dependable, powerful and natural drive in the human body … another pleasure.

Interesting concept, isn’t it?

How might this look in real life?

Well, envision the party where you’ve just eaten a reasonable dinner, and indulged in your chocolate cake, and now you want more.

But before you decide to get up out of your seat, you pause for a moment and envision another pleasurable experience.

He suggests that when you want to avoid something tempting, read an engrossing book, watch a thrilling movie, or listen to emotionally enticing music.

The point is to replace one pleasure for another, “emotionally arousing” pleasure, so that you never feeling the sting of deprivation.

But he warns that when turning your attention from one pleasure to the other, to make sure it is emotionally arousing, something that makes you feel good.

Otherwise, your mind will settle for the current pleasure at hand, i.e. the cake.

Using one pleasure to win over the other as a means of portion control is a viable, realistic and lifelong strategy you can use to lose all the weight you need, and keep it off.

In other words, it becomes a lifestyle solution and not a diet problem.

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