The Benefits of Creatine

The Benefits of Creatine

In the body, creatine is synthesized from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. Taking supplemental doses of creatine monohydrate can increase muscle creatine and phosphocreatine (PC) concentrations by up to 40%.* These increases can lead to improvements in muscle energy production and recuperation. Muscle PC is used as a high-energy substrate (fuel) required for immediate bursts of energy during high intensity and anaerobic exercise. Those taking supplemental creatine often notice increases in muscle cell size and strength, with decreases in the onset of fatigue and faster recovery.


  • Increases muscle production and recuperation!
  • Scientifically proven to slow down the process of osteoporosis!
  • Increases muscle output and energy levels 
  • Decreases fatigue!

Suggested Dose:

  • 1 scoop daily
  • Immediately following exercise, when applicable

Something to consider:

  • You will not carry excess water weight if you stick to the suggested dose
  • Creatine is not stable in liquid form. Do not put in your water and sip on throughout the day.  It is to be consumed quickly!

    The suggested dose may vary per person and The Training Spot cannot be held liable for any improper usage of the mentioned above s

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