The Last "Diet" You'll Ever Need Isn't a Diet At All

The Last "Diet" You'll Ever Need Isn't a Diet At All

Stop blindly following someone else’s nutrition protocol with no results. Start making a nutrition strategy that works specifically for you!

It seems every year you read, see, or hear about a new way of eating from a friend of a friend, an article, or a celebrity on television. It’s often deemed as the “last diet you’ll ever need.” They all sound magical, but each ignores a simple and profound truth: every body is different.

Quite simply, there is no one-size-fits-all way of eating.

The ideal plan depends on your goals, your body type, your genetics, your lifestyle, etc. And, if you recall from my last article, while you’re looking for the right trainer, why not make sure it comes with the right meal plan as well.

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve tried a diet. Americans are obsessed with diets. But did you know that the word diet is commonly “not-so-joked-about” as an acronym for Ditch It Every Time?

The notion of depriving yourself of certain foods you enjoy literally stresses you out on a molecular level. Studies have shown that increased levels of stress hormones have been prevalent in both mice and humans when dieting. Guess what the coping mechanism tends to be? You guessed it, pizza…wait…I didn’t say that…(It really does tend to be junk food though)

Negative associations with diets are far more common than not. Making food off-limits is frustrating as diets tend to focus so heavily on calorie cutting. Instead, let’s create a positive association, like linking nourishing food to increased performance, behavior improvements, and an overall healthier YOU!

Many popular diets out there are not as different as you may think. Paleo, low-carb, high-fat, macro-based (portion control), all share common values that anyone looking for a sustainable plan can live by:
– They raise awareness of whole foods and remove processed junk.
– They make you aware of what you’re consuming and help you to seek out a certain level of quality food.
– They help control food intake.

Sounds a lot like portion control, does it not? I’ll answer that for you. Yes, Matt, it does sound a lot like portion control.

So what does that mean when considering this diet, or that one, or this nutrition plan, or that challenge, or this Kick Start, etc.?

First, take this into consideration. Is it applicable in your lifestyle? Your family’s? Can you foresee yourself doing it for the rest of your life? If so, can it be personalized to you specifically?

Secondly, who is it prescribed by? Does this individual have a license, degree, or legal certification in your state to do so?

And finally, among many other variables, can you actually LEARN it, instead of just doing it? Can you be taught this, and is your nutritionist or dietitian willing to go that route for you as an individual.

All things taken into consideration combined with over 35 years of being in the industry professionally all while serving thousands of your O.C. residents, Paul and Carolyn, owners and operators of The Training Spot, have created the road map to nutritional success. Not only is this a nationally-recognized program (In 100 gyms around North America and growing), but we also have a Registered Dietitian on staff to deliver and support you at The Training Spot.

Balanced Habits LIFE program is designed for you as an individual. Whatever your goal, this program will be designed specifically for you.

Life-changing, research-driven, nutrition coaching for everyone. That’s our mission with the Balanced Habits LIFE nutrition program for achieving any health and body goals you have.

The human body is a complex machine, but there are still patterns. As Balanced Habits Certified Food Coaches, we know a staggering amount about the science of food, health, and the human body. And we know what works.

This is not a yo-yo diet. In fact, this is not a diet at all. You will finally have a simple, easy to follow fat loss solution that you’ve been waiting for.

You will never have to pay for a nutrition program again. Ever.

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