Spring Clean Your Health!

Spring Clean Your Health!

It’s that time of year again: winter has ended, the weather has begun to brighten, and flowers are in bloom almost everywhere you look. Yes, I am talking about spring! The season known for new beginnings and of course, spring cleaning. We spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars organizing and refining our homes, so why not do the same thing for our bodies? Keep reading to learn some great ways to “spring clean” your health.

1. Minus Three
A common tactic to use when organizing your home is the “minus three” rule, where you simply find three things you don’t need or use anymore and get rid of them. As it turns out, this is also handy when it comes to your health! Choose three unhealthy habits (i.e. beer, Twinkies, and fast food), and nix them COMPLETELY for a week. Too easy? Try omitting them for a whole month, or even better, choose to skip three new unhealthy items every week and continue to “clean” out the bad things from your diet!

2. Freshen Up Dinner (And breakfast and lunch)
Spring is an amazing time of year for fresh produce. Nothing compliments a tasty, nutritious meal like the bright colors of fruits and veggies. Asparagus, artichokes, avocados, beets, and strawberries are all at the peak of their season this time of year, and that’s just naming a few. If you’re local to Huntington Beach, we have an amazing farmer’s market every Tuesday and Friday night. Find your town’s local farmer’s market and discover the rainbow of deliciousness yourself!

3. Schedule your check-ups…FINALLY
Now that we’ve officially exited the dreaded flu season, it’s time to schedule those nagging doctor’s appointments we’ve been putting off. Whether it’s to find out about that recurring sniffle you have, that achy knee that won’t seem to heal, or just a general wellness check-up, you owe yourself a visit. Here at the Main St. Training Spot, we have local chiropractor Dr. Sebastian coming in to do free evaluations on site Tuesday, April 4th from 4:30-6:30! Your health is one of the worst things to procrastinate, if not THE worst. Besides, with summer vacation right around the corner, you’re going to want to be in prime health! Which leads us to…

4. Set a goal for summer
Whether it’s an advanced hike in the local mountains or a sunny vacation in Mexico where you’ll be spending 90% of your time in a swim suit, having something to look forward to will bring a whole new layer of motivation to your workouts and nutrition. We all know the saying, “Summer bodies are built in the winter,” but in case you didn’t start so early, spring is still the perfect time to get ready! If you need help getting your summer body ready, fill out the form below and we’ll help you reach those goals.

5. Clean out the stress
Spring is the perfect time to unwind from any residual holiday stress and winter blues. De-clutter your mind by writing in a daily journal or picking up a new wellness book. Invest in your mental well-being by enrolling in a yoga class or simply follow an online tutorial at home. Bonus points if you can take it outside!

You owe it to yourself to live as healthy and as balanced as possible, and spring is the ideal time to take a moment and reinvigorate your mind and body. If you need guidance on the next step or would like to take your health and fitness to the next level, fill out the form below and one of our amazing staff members will reach out to you!

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