Which 6th do you want to be?

If you hang around five confident people, you will become the 6th.
If you hang around five intelligent people, you will become the 6th.
If you hang around five millionaires, you will become the 6th.
If you hang around five successful people, you will become the 6th.
If you hang around five fit people, you will be the 6th.

It’s inevitable, so choose which 6th you want to be very, very carefully.

This is the power of accountability, which in turn brings me to the power of specificity. You have specific expectations of yourself.  Which in turn brings specific consequences, good or bad.

Take a moment and think of the 5 closest friends or family in your life. They probably have fairly similar specifications of themselves and what they deserve as you do. Your 5 set the acceptable performance in most aspects of your life.

I want you to raise that level of performance standard. For you, for them, and anyone else who thinks of YOU as part of THEIR 5. You don’t always realize who you inspire.

I firmly believe that every single person has at least one person they look up to. I know I do. My Dad has always inspired me. He has always held himself highly accountable to every goal in his life and I can’t think of a single time he didn’t do everything he could to accomplish them. The primary reason in my opinion is the specificity of the performance needed, and the expectations required to accomplish it.

The bottom line is that his accountability meant letting his actions rise above his excuses.

This is hard to do.  I certainly struggle with it.  Even as a fitness professional who spends the majority of my day in the gym, it is very easy for me to work in my office right through my workout time.  I know this about myself and I schedule my work outs with my fiance, Stevi, so I kind of have to work out.

Consider your own goals.  Your expectations of who you are and/or want to be, and see if that is in-line with your 5.  If not, you may want to re-evaluate who you consider dearest. (Don’t tell them ha ha)

If you want to take back your health and live a life you never thought possible, then you’ll want to hang around other fitness minded and motivated individuals.

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To Your Heath,

Matt Fetters

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