Meal Prep Tips

Meal Prep Tips

Make a decision? Do I have to? About what?

Every day we are forced to make decisions.

When you stop to think about it, your life is the sum total of all the decisions that you’ve ever made up to this point.

Your health, your mindset, your finances, and stress levels are all an outcome of the decisions you have made.

Some decisions are so small that they seem insignificant……and other decisions weigh on you for days because you know that the outcome will drastically change the course of your life.

You’ll wade through a myriad of trivial decisions today – ranging from the flavor of your coffee, to the gas you put into your car, to the food you put into your body.

It’s easy to be fooled into believing that these have no real impact on the big picture — but they do.

You’ll shift over to automatic while making your habitual decisions today – these ones no longer require a second thought since your preferences are defaulted. The time you wake up each morning, the way you make your eggs, the frequency in which you exercise. Your habitual decisions play a huge part in determining major factors in your life, and these ones aren’t always easy to modify once the habit is in place.

We are always making decisions. Even procrastination is a decision. It is the decision of allowing circumstance to control your fate.

If I can make one small suggestion to help you make the right decision, it would be to aid the decision making process by doing meal prep before you are hungry. Listen, I know how hard it can be to make the right choice when you are hungry. Chips, fruit, cookies, candy, peanuts, peanut butter, popcorn.. all of that is readily available.
But your protein; the foundation of your body’s ability to build lean muscle mass which is so important for your sustainable weight loss tends to be nowhere to be found. Especially when you are hungry!

I highly suggest carving out a part of your day to make your protein. For me, that’s on Sundays. Here’s an example of an easy to follow meal prep:
Bake your chicken in the oven! Don’t take the time to grill it. If you like the taste of the grill, plop it on the burners for a minute after it’s already been cooked. For me, 25 minutes at 375 degrees seems to work. Remember, every oven is different and you should always check your chicken prior to consumption. While the chicken is cooking, toss some ground turkey on the stove top. Stirring occasionally, you’ll know the turkey is cooked thoroughly when it turns completely white with no pink color. If you are really good at multitasking, throw your tuna together in between the mix.

From a personal and professional standpoint I can confidently tell you that having your food pre-made will aid in your decision making process. After all, why let your efforts and food go to waste? Check out our recent blog on some 10-Minutes or less recipes for more ideas.

Lastly, if you still struggle with the idea of meal prep, give our friends over at All Purpose Meal Prep a try. Nothing beats delivery to your door!

To Your Health,

Mattison Fetters
Head of Operations, The Training Spot

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