Why You Need a Fitness Accountability Partner

Why You Need a Fitness  Accountability Partner

In our opinion, one of the most important aspects of reaching a goal is accountability. Far too many people needlessly struggle to do it on their own. There is no better alternative than expert guidance. Regardless of what you’re looking to accomplish, it is critical to have someone hold you accountable while keeping you motivated and focused.

Here are 3 ways why we believe having a support system is important and effective:

Drop the excuses – In this busy world, it is easy to come up with reasons as to why we can’t or won’t accomplish a goal. Having a support system whether it be a hired professional, family and friends at home or both, they will assist in allowing no excuse to be too great.
Reminders – Let’s be honest, people are afraid of failure, it’s human nature. We all want to succeed, especially when you first set a goal. We don’t set goals with the intention to fail. Therefore, having someone hold you accountable and remind you of your ‘why’ is so important.
Emotional support – Working towards reaching a goal can be more than just physical.  If something derails your success it can be catastrophic.  Having someone understand your goals can be very healthy for you both mentally and physically. Find someone who is empathetic and supportive in getting you back on track.
At the Training Spot our goal is simple, it’s to help you reach yours. We are a team of dedicated and goal oriented personal trainers that are here to help you create a younger, healthier version of yourself. Whether you’ve experienced it first-hand or have yet to do so, we encourage you to take the next step in changing your life.

Our next buddy week is coming up 2/26 – 3/3 and this is the perfect opportunity for you to gain another accountability partner. Whether it be a spouse, friend or co-worker, bring them alongside you to work towards your fitness goals together. Because friends who sweat together, stay together 😉

P.S.  Don’t have a Tspot friend (yet)?  Come be OUR friend, this one’s on us!

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