I Always Say...

I always say, "Far too many people needlessly struggle with weight loss and fitness because they try to do it alone. There is no substitute for having expert guidance, a program designed specifically for you by a fitness professional, the accountability and support to see it through."

I can't stand seeing people stay on the same “hamster wheel” month after month, with little results to show for their efforts.

I’m going to assume you’ve already got a powerful dream that both inspires and motivates you, you’ve already set clear goals with deadlines, and you’ve defined the appropriate priorities to move your life forward quickly.

If you’ve missed any of those, this blurb won’t be useful to you. BUT when you’ve got those things in place, it’s time to get down to business!
And that means organizing the work to be done and then taking action.

You may recall when I spoke to you about the "big rocks," a term we use to define goals for ourselves.  We take large tasks, break them down in to smaller sections, and attack them relentlessly until they're accomplished. And when you create the sections, you cover more ground, you don’t miss things, and the journey becomes more motivating to begin and engage.

This is important because no one who runs a marathon starts out thinking about the finish line. You have to mentally break down the race into small pieces and just focus on doing your best to run to the end of the next section.

Let me tell you this: it’s the same when working on health and fitness goals. Break the marathon down into small sprints. (Break your 100 lbs weight loss goal in to fitting in to the next size down pair of jeans and beyond.)

Each one you complete allows you to build your confidence and gain momentum.

Ok, this is where a lot of people make mistakes in their plan. Then they get stuck and can’t move forward. And then they miss deadlines they’ve committed to.

And this leads to anger, frustration, and disappointment. But this isn’t life or death. This is supposed to be fun. So stick with me and have some fun here!

Dependencies are tasks that depend on other tasks to be completed before they can begin.

Plan your work.  And then work your plan.  Determine what needs to happen in order to reach this health and fitness goal.

Yet this is one of the many mistakes that so many people make.  
They just dive in with little direction.  A birthday, New Years, something sparks them in to action with no real plan, and they don't have any one to hold them accountable to it all.

And that's where we step in.  Studies have shown that to succeed at reaching health, fitness and weight loss goals, you need expert guidance and a support system behind you. Our one-on-one personal training in Orange County will finally allow you to be the slimmer, healthier, happier person you have longed to be.

We understand that many people have struggled to lose weight, tone up and get fit in the past, and we also understand how daunting it can be to embark on a new challenge by joining us for personal training in Huntington Beach & Costa Mesa.

So it’s in the nature of our highly-skilled personal trainers to put you at ease and make you feel encouraged, supported and motivated throughout your journey to a better body and a better you.

We are so confident we can get you the results you want and deserve. That’s why we even guarantee your success!

To Your Health,

Matt Fetters
Head of Operations
The Training Spot


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