KICKSTART Success Story: Tam

KICKSTART Success Story: Tam

Does this sounds familiar?   You’re constantly dedicating all of your time to everyone and everything else in your life; your children, your family, your career, your community. You find yourself slipping into bad habits, having difficulty finding the time to eat healthy, and just not feeling like yourself.


Meet Tam.  A mother, wife, business professional, and some may say she’s the “average Jane.”  Tam is busy. Busy being a Mom, her career, and caught up in life in general. However, she followed our 28-Day KICK START and lost 11.2 pounds of pure FAT while gaining a bit of lean muscle. This program is specially designed for changing the way your body looks (and feels) in a sustainable way that makes it so simple to be successful. If she can do it, so can you!


This is Tam's experience in her own words:


"I am beyond happy with my KickStart results and so motivated to keep the momentum going! At the start of May, I was recovering from over four months of a crazy work schedule and feeling upset that once again, I let my weight climb during the stressful time. I was planning on getting back on track with just training sessions when Stevie nudged me to add KickStart to my plan. I’m so thankful for that nudge (or kick) Stevie! There is no way I could have achieved over 9% weight loss in 4 weeks without the KickStart Program!


With a busy work and mommy schedule, one of the best KickStart tips for me was to buy two whole cooked chickens from Costco each Sunday and portion my protein for the following week; that made daily meal prep so much easier for me.  Also, I would write in my journal what I was going to eat with corresponding units before eating each meal; this was a double check that I was portioning correctly and allowed me to adjust my meals before it was too late and food already in my tummy. Going back through the journal every week also helped me see what I needed to change for even better results, like cutting down on fruit and replacing that with more veggies for my carbs.


Last but not least, I went to as many of their free Boot Camps and hikes as I could, which doubled as great workouts and great opportunities to get support and questions answered from the Training Spot team and fellow Kickstarters who understand my fitness struggles! It’s just nice to feed off of everyone’s energy and support one another. I also bribed my husband to cover kid duties so I could get in a workout every day the last week to finish strong! Long term, I want to be a tad leaner and physically stronger AND do not want to yo-yo again! So my journey continues but thanks to KickStart, I feel energized and certain that I will reach all my long term fitness goals!"


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