The Third Component of Physical Fitness: Agility

The Third Component of Physical Fitness: Agility

This week's component is Agility!  By definition: "Agility is the ability to perform a series of explosive power movements in rapid succession in opposing directions". The ladder drills done at our Friday night boot camp are a great example of an agility exercise. Being agile doesn't just improve athletic performance, it can improve how you move day-to-day.

As you improve your agility, you improve what's considered your fast-twitch muscle fibers.  Have you ever kicked a curb or crack and your body almost instinctively reacted to catch yourself?  Now, have you ever seen someone maybe a little less fit than you or a couple years older do the same?  It's not uncommon to watch someone who is not agile unfortunately fall down because of this. The good news is, you can easily adapt to stay upright!

There are a few benefits of agility training:

- Improved body awareness and movement. Most of the exercises include hand and eye coordination, hand and foot coordination and reaction to cues. Practicing quick stops and speedy movements helps the body move as a whole and more in sync.

- Prevents injuries. When doing the same motions over and over again it can cause tissue fatigue and repetitive stress injuries. Agility exercises help with incorporating various movements and building the strength of connective tissues.

- It is fun! This is a great way to switch up your workouts and have some fun with it. Many people get bored with doing the same workout every day, adding agility exercises will add something different. Try adding exercises like high-knees, lateral shuffling or hopscotch!   

As summer inches closer, it’s the perfect time to try out some agility exercises in the back yard or a nearby park.

Stay Healthy!

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