KICKSTART Success Story: Travis

KICKSTART Success Story: Travis

This is Travis. Travis is your typical hard working dad, husband and friend. He works hard to take care of his family, his job, and keeping himself fit and healthy. He considered himself a relatively healthy person, but with a busy schedule and 2 kids at home sometimes he’d break his routine so he decided to try out the KICKSTART program to get him back on track. After losing 15 pounds in 28 days, Travis wants to continue his healthy since he now knows what to eat and how to eat for a lifetime!


Read more about Travis below:


What’s your occupation?

Process Engineer


Name of the location you participated with?



What led you to participate in the KICK START?

I wanted to get my nutrition on track and feel better about myself


Was this your first attempt at lifestyle change? If not, what else have you tried in the past?

I've always worked out here and there but never in a solid routine


What (if any) were the reasons that held you back in the past from creating your lifestyle change?.

I felt as if I didn't have the tools and knowledge needed to make sustainable goals.


What made your experience with the KICK START memorable?

The support of the team, especially Bo and Evan gave me the needed kick to keep going and to make the needed changes!


Did the KICK START meet or exceed your expectations?

It exceeded my expectations as I lost almost 15 lbs in the 28 days!


If the KICK START made your life easier, can you share how?

It made my life easier, as I know now what to eat, when and how to keep it going not just for 28 days but for a lifetime!


Would you recommend Balanced Habits to a friend, and if so, what would you tell them about your experience?

I would definitely recommend it to a friend (already have and 3-4 friends want to do the program in September!), as it is a program that is easy if you pay attention and stick to it. The support of the Training Spot staff is wonderful, always there to answer a question even via email or text. Purchasing the training sessions was a great idea as I was able to kickstart my workout goals as well as my nutrition. Lastly, the group walks on Wednesdays were a great time to talk about the program with other participants, and Fridays boot camps were awesome to get my body moving and going!


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