How Balance Can Benefit You | Costa Mesa Personal Training

How Balance Can Benefit You | Costa Mesa Personal Training

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Part 4 of the 7-part physical fitness segment is all about balance! Balance is the ability to control the body's position, either stationary or while moving.  

Balance is vital component of physical fitness, especially as we age.  As we age our bones demineralize and are at an increased risk for fracture and injury.  You all may know this by another name....osteoporosis. In addition to an increased risk of bone injury, age also affects our ability to maintain balance.  Inside our ears is the vestibular system which is responsible for communicating to the brain where our bodies are in space. As we age, cells in the vestibular system die off. This affects how accurately we detect our position in space. That, in turn, affects our ability to correct our position. For example, if we start to tilt to the right and the vestibular system doesn’t detect this quickly, it becomes harder for the brain to prevent falling to the right.  So, osteoporosis plus an increased risk of losing balance and falling equals a recipe for disaster.

The great thing about balance is it is a skill that can be easily worked on. Our personal trainer Kaylee, who excels at balance training, recommends something as simple as standing on one foot for 10 to 15 seconds a few times a day can greatly help train your balance.  Or, while at the gym, spending time on a BOSU ball is a great way to train balance! Unilateral exercises, also known as exercises using one side of the body (single leg squats), can act as strengthening exercises as well as a balance enhancer. Even the small exercises can help you take big strides toward your goals!

You may also discover some muscular imbalances and learn that one side of your body is stronger than other. Just keep working on improving!

Stay Healthy!

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