Success Story: Brent

Success Story: Brent

Totally committed, open to coaching, and willing to push himself hard. In only 3 months, Brent has been showing dedication to his health and fitness and it’s already starting to pay off. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate him on being the Gothard client of the month. Keep up the great work Brent, you’re doing an amazing job! This is what our personal trainer Evan and Brent have to say about their recent work together:

"Brent came to the Training Spot to get ready for a destination wedding in Jamaica. He has been working his butt off 3 times a week in the early mornings. He comes to us all the way from Long Beach so he's gotta get up even earlier than most to make his 6:30 am sessions. I have watched him improve his strength, change his body composition and improve his stamina in the short time he has been with us. He is also working with Susie to improve his nutrition but still manages to get the best of Vermont's east coast style IPAs in on occasion. This month I would like to congratulate him on his hard work and dedication to improve his health and fitness and wish him well on his Jamaican vacation! Cheers!"
- Evan


"I started at The Training Spot three months ago, after working with several other gyms and trainers with limited success.  I have improved more with Evan in this time frame than I could have hoped. Here I feel that improving one’s health and strength is a family/team environment, which is such a nice change from working with a trainer at a larger gym.  Thank you Evan and the whole T-Spot family! I look forward to seeing where I am three months from now."

- Brent



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