Stretching: Focus on Flexibility | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Stretching: Focus on Flexibility | Personal Training Huntington Beach

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Part 5 is all about flexibility!  By definition, flexibility is the ability to achieve an extended range of motion without being impeded by excess tissue, i.e. fat or muscle.

What is range of motion? The degree of movement that occurs at a joint is called the range of motion (ROM).  The ROM of a joint is determined by a number of factors including connective tissue structure, activity level, age, and sex.  Within the human body there are different types of joints. For example, the shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint, while the knee is a modified hinge joint.  Different types of joints have different ranges of motion. There is a correlation between the degree of ROM and risk of injury. Typically the greater the ROM, the higher the risk of injury.  Take the shoulder for example. The shoulder can move in about every direction but it is also highly susceptible to injury.


Now, how do you decrease the risk of injury? The answer here is stretching!  Frequent stretching will affect the connective tissue's elasticity (the ability to return to original resting length after a passive stretch) and plasticity (the tendency to assume a new and greater length after a passive stretch).

How frequently should you stretch? Studies have shown that stretching twice per week for a minimum of five weeks has shown to significantly improve flexibility.  Holding a stretch for 15-30 seconds is generally recommended, and the stretch should be held at a position of mild discomfort. Joint integrity should never be compromised in order to increase ROM.

When to stretch?  Stretching is recommended following exercise due to increased muscle temperature.  Stretching should also be performed as a separate session, this means taking scheduled times out of your day in order to perform stretches.

We know stretching takes time, but it is an integral part of physical fitness. I promise after a stretching session you will feel better!


In case you forgot, we have a free stretching manual with tips and tricks to help you stay flexible. If you want it just email us and ask! (


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