Success Story: Eddie

Success Story: Eddie

7 years ago, Eddie couldn’t walk. Now he’s working out on a frequent basis and is able to pursue his passion of diving. Eddie is both an inspiration and a testament to what hard work and dedication can do for you. Eddie shows up ready for battle, equipped with a rock-solid mental attitude and eagerness to better than he was yesterday. Read more about how Eddie was able to “take no prisoners and never give up” below.  If Eddie can do it, so can you!


Eddie is one crazy dude. He comes to the gym every week on a mission to make himself better physically and mentally. Eddie’s goals, just like many others is to workout so that he can do what he loves better. Eddie had a very serious back injury years ago that has kept him from diving, spearfishing, being able to hold an oxygen tank on his back for long periods of time. Eddie is the only client I know who shows up to the gym an hour and a half early to stretch and warm up before his workout so that he is fully prepared and stable to workout. The dedication this guy has to his health and fitness continues to blow my mind. He continues to inspire me and everyone who workouts with him.

- Aaron


"Blood, sweat and Viking Metal. Every day I show up and go to battle and Aaron is there to help me with my routine, my form, and most importantly for moral support. 7 years ago I could not walk. After a major accident, and the loss of my L5S1 disc, it took me months to be able to walk down the street. Now I showing up and going to work every Tuesday at the Training Spot to rehabilitate my back, my body and to get my life back. I am a passionate diver. Scuba and spearfishing and without the work, the support, the expertise from Aaron Martinez, I would not be able to follow my life passion. Nothing else needs to be said, and I am incredibly grateful for the support.  Keep working, keep sweating, take no prisoners and never give up.

- Eddie

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