Muscular Endurance: Learn how to make your life easier

 Muscular Endurance: Learn how to make your life easier

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This week's subject is muscular endurance.  Muscular endurance is a muscle's ability to perform a sustained contraction or many repetitive contractions in a certain amount of time. Think of cycling or rowing - or in a gym, doing 20 body weight squats in a row - these activities require a great deal of muscular endurance because these are typically performed for extended periods of time.  


Muscular strength and endurance are  two important parts of your body’s ability to move, lift things and do day-to-day activities. It is important throughout all walks of life, whether it be for preparation for a marathon or doing a full day of yard work. At The Training Spot, we always incorporate some exercises that will build muscle strength and some that involve muscle endurance to bring balance to our clients training exercises. Out in the real world, you never know when you'll need strength or endurance to complete everyday tasks.

In order to train oneself to increase muscular endurance some simple strength training parameters are required.  

- Lighter weights should be used.

- The number of repetitions performed should be increased.  

These two parameters are important because there is an inverse relationship between training intensity and training duration.  The higher the intensity (heavier weights), the shorter the duration, and vice versa. Using lighter weights will allow for more muscular contractions to be completed; this is the ultimate goal when training for muscular endurance.  The amount of weight used will vary from person to person but make sure that you can complete between 12-20 repetitions. This is the optimal zone to target endurance.

The human body is composed of different types of muscle fibers.  Some are used for short durations and are explosive and powerful (Type II fibers), while others are resistant to fatigue and are not as powerful (Type I fibers).  While strength training it is important to remember to target both types of muscle fibers, this will ultimately allow you to fulfill your body's full potential and see the positive changes you are working for!

Our trainer Matt Montague believes that muscular endurance can really help with daily activities like raking leaves, carrying a baby, vacuuming, etc. It is also great for athletes doing the same types of motions over and over again, like throwing a baseball or swinging a golf club. Aside from that, Matt really believes that it helps with getting a better nights sleep, weight loss and keeping your heart healthy.

Keep lifting!



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