Success Story: Tam Ho | Costa Mesa Personal Training

Success Story: Tam Ho | Costa Mesa Personal Training

Mother, daughter, sister and hard working are all ways to describe our Costa Mesa client of the month, Tam Ho. After seeing her sister transform herself, she decided to give it a try back in January and, sure enough, she got the same results! Tam has been hard at work ever since and hasn't missed a single session, even after adding two more days to her workout. Tam has her eyes on the prize and continues to challenge herself on a regular basis. Great job Tam!


Read more about Tam and Stevies journey together below:


Tam started with The Training Spot  in January and has been killing it ever since! Originally only starting on Saturday’s she was hungry for more workouts. Being super dedicated, she added two more days and, in fact, has not missed one. She gives every amount of effort possible each workout. Tam constantly challenges herself and asks to be challenged. She’s an inspiration to have in the gym and I’m so lucky to be able to be her trainer ! Keep it up Tam!  - Stevie


I was first inspired to join the Training Spot after listening to my sister’s rave reviews and seeing her amazing transformation. My once a week training sessions eventually graduated into multiple sessions a week. I owe my strength and ability to push myself to Stevie. With every workout, she has pushed me just a little harder and focuses on helping me achieve my personal goals. Stevie has been an amazing trainer that has strengthened both my body and mind! I can’t imagine not starting my mornings off here at the T Spot! - Tam


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