Cardiovascular endurance: A healthy heart is a happy heart

Cardiovascular endurance: A healthy heart is a happy heart


Let's talk about cardiovascular endurance! Cardiovascular endurance is the heart's ability to deliver blood to working muscles and their ability to use it (think of running).

Your heart is a muscle and just like any other muscle in your body it can be trained and adaptations will occur through training.  The primary way to train your heart is to increase the demand placed upon it. Try keeping your heart rate elevated. This can be done by participating in many different types of exercise like: swimming, running, cycling, and even weight lifting.  Cardiovascular training is extremely important in reducing a person's risk for cardiovascular disease because it makes the heart stronger and more resilient to injury.


Now, the popular thought amongst most exercises is that in order to get a "good cardio workout" you have to go on a 6 mile run, spend an hour and half on the treadmill, or something along those lines.  But we all know that (most of the time) that is just not feasible. Remember from our last blog post that exercise intensity and exercise duration have an inverse relationship... This means that the higher the intensity (the harder you run, cycle, swim) the shorter the duration can be.  If you are running at a very high pace you may not be able to last for 6 miles, but sometimes 1-2 miles is all it takes.

Studies have also shown that higher intensity exercises are better for burning calories and torching fat in a shorter time compared to low intensity long duration exercises. Our personal trainer Stevie: "instead of getting on the treadmill for a ‘steady state run’, try doing 100 meter sprints as fast as you can for 20 seconds with a 30 seconds rest between each sprint. The idea is you exert maximum effort through quick and intense bursts followed by short recovery periods. These intervals get your heart rate up and burn calories more efficiently. This concept applies to all kinds exercises and can bring a healthy balance to your workouts. Choose the exercise that works best for you!"

Conclusively, the heart is the workhorse of the human body so treat it well and keep it healthy!  Get outside and move!


Stevie doing Mountain Climbers
(40 sec up, 20 sec rest - 8 rounds)


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