Success Story: Scott & Leslie

Success Story: Scott & Leslie

Our dynamic duo: Scott and Leslie. Making a change is never easy, especially a dietary change. However, after partaking in our KICKSTART program, Scott and Leslie have decided to overcome that hurdle by continuing in our Life program and. Not only do they look healthier and have lost weight, but they feel better, have more energy, and have made the important realization that it is easier to do when you have a dedicated support team. Instead of making nutrition a chore, they approach it with a great attitude, a willingness to learn, and take steps each week to improve their health. They show up early for every meeting with our nutrition coach Susie together and are continuing to reach new fitness goals in their training sessions with our personal trainer Evan.


Great job Scott and Leslie!


Here’s what they have to say about their recent success with the nutrition and personal training programs:

“Scott and I were very pleased with the Kickstart program. He lost about 9 pounds in that 28 days and I lost about 6. It was not an easy task to learn at first, but within a few days and the help of the workbook, recipes and grab and go info, it really made it easy to follow. Overall we lost a few inches and really gained more energy and a lot of knowledge about our eating habits. By being able to combine a workout routine that works for us along with the dietary support it has changed our lives.

We decided to stick with the life program for a few months just to try to be more stable and accountable to help reach our weight loss goals. This was definitely a wonderful program to help us get on a healthy track in life. We are so happy to have found the Kickstart program but even more happy to have found the Training Spot. We wouldn't have stayed if we didn't feel the personal touch. The staff is amazing at what they do and how they treat the customer. Kindness and caring go a long way in this world and it really shows at each and every workout with your team.

Thanks for all you have done for us!”

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