Success Story: Jordan | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Success Story: Jordan | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Dedicated, enthusiastic, hard working and only 15 years old?! Jordan, our client of the month over at Main street is the definition of a winning mentality. This high schooler shows up at the gym ready to push herself to the limit. She is coachable, eager to learn, swims like a champion and is crazy good at deadlifting. We are so proud to have you as a part of our family!


Read more about Jordan and Matt's journey together below:

I love training Jordan! Her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn has grown more and more and her results show! She continues to surprise me with how strong she is getting and can’t wait for her to dominate her sports this coming year! Keep up the hard work Jordan!

- Matt


I’ve been working out at the T-Spot since the beginning of this year with Matt and in that amount of time I have seen so many changes in my body both physically and mentally. I have lost inches and have gained so much muscle and strength. I’m still working hard and progressing every single session and couldn’t be more grateful. With the help of Matt and the support of everyone at the T-Spot I’ve been able to achieve the results that I’ve only dreamed of and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

- Jordan

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