Personal Training Success Story: Lance

Personal Training Success Story: Lance


We may be a “small” personal training studio in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa, but we definitely have the biggest heart! At the Training Spot, we are not just about personal training, we are so much more than that. We strive to create a supportive environment, be results driven, inspire others, build a positive & unified family, continuously learn & grow, and of course, HAVE FUN!  Matter of fact, those are a few of our core values!

Lance is the perfect example of what it means to have a “big heart” and “everything that we strive” too.


But, if we had to pick one word to describe Lance, it would be: Champion. Lance is a go getter, pushes himself to reach new goals, and above all, is a genuine human being. He is always having a fun time and making other people smile. Lance arrives early for his workouts (even at 5:30 am!) to get in some extra cardio and always has a positive attitude. He is an encourager, always cheering everyone else on and really has the  “camaraderie spirit.” Thanks for having such a kind soul Lance, we are so happy to have you as a part of our team!


Keep on reading if you want to read more about Lance’s journey with our personal trainer Evan:


"When I first started at the Training Spot, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by Lance. The guy looks like a machine! He rides his bike to our workouts. He arrives early and has a solid warm up routine making sure he is ready for any workout I have for him that morning. He is one of the fittest guys in the gym (his body fat was less than 9% percent last time we checked) and also one of the strongest! He inspires and motivates others in the gym too. Many people come in and ask, "How much weight did Lance put up today?" In April we had a push up challenge trying to do 10,000 push ups as a gym. We did over 20k and Lance had almost half of those! But his effort pushed everyone else to do their push ups as well! In all honesty though he is also just one of the most genuine human beings I have ever met. He cares not only about his health and fitness but also everything living thing on this Earth. Great all around guy and I have such a fun time training him and helping him reach his goals!

- Evan


"As a lover (or should I say fanatic) of music, I naturally bring music into all aspects of my life. Whereas a music conductor will bring various instruments together and develop a beautiful symphony; I view Evan as a "Muscle Maestro" vice a maestro of music. Evan brings his knowledge, experience and patience to develop my body into its full muscular potential - thus the term "Muscle Maestro". My initial conversation with Evan was that I needed him to take me to the next level. We needed to fine tune specific aspects of my body and of course to continue adding on muscle. As an example, I felt I was deficient in the shoulder area – lacking the roundness and fullness of shoulders that I admired on others. Within the last few weeks, I have actually been getting compliments on my shoulders. YES! We are on the road to success! I appreciate the dedication and concern that Evan has demonstrated toward me over the past year and look forward to continuing making more muscles with him. I get a tremendous amount of joy out of seeing my fellow T-Spotters @ the gym. Besides the friendships, I have seen improvements in waistline (smaller!), posture (straighter!), attitude (positive!) and intensity put forth in the goal of muscular improvement. The dynamic we have with the Gothard morning crew is definitely a Team-Effort!"

- Lance


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