KICKSTART Recipe: Thai Chicken Pizza

KICKSTART Recipe: Thai Chicken Pizza

Even though it’s very important for optimal health and weight, physical exercise is just a component of weight loss. Nutrition is the other half of the equation for your health and fitness journey.

One of the things that people worry about most when considering a change in nutrition is that they are not ‘allowed’ to eat ‘all the tasty foods’ and need to live on kale, broccoli, salads and plain chicken. Not true!

Just because wholefoods are healthy and better for you doesn’t mean it has to be lacking in flavor. Even though those foods are great, what if we told you Pizza is also on that list. Would you believe us?

Weight loss and nutrition is all about knowing how to balance your eating in a way that produces the results you’re looking for, be it fat loss, muscle gain, or just feeling healthier and having more energy. There’s room in your plan for delicious foods like this delicious Thai Chicken Pizza. You just have to know how to balance it all out! That’s what we aim to teach you in our 28-Day KICK START nutrition program.

A general rule for optimal health and nutrition is that it’s best to limit processed foods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat them ever again! The key is bringing balance to your health and nutrition.


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Here is the recipe of the delicious Thai Chicken Pizza made by our friends from Balanced Habits. Just a gift from us to you to try out one of the many delicious, healthy KICKSTART recipes.


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