Success Story: Javier | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Success Story: Javier | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Health and fitness isn’t just about getting physically stronger but mentally strong as well. During your journey you will have to overcome both mental and physical obstacles. But just as your muscles get stronger with a healthy strain, so will your mentality. Every time you push yourself and accomplish something you thought you’d never do, you get stronger. Javier is a true example of mental and physical fortitude. He comes in 3 times a week to push himself to new limits and we’re so glad to be right there with him.

Great job Javier!


Read here about Javier and his positive mindset:

"Javier has progressed so much in the few months he has been training here at the training Spot. He comes in to the gym three times a week and works his butt off. He is so determined and has a great and positive mindset he brings to each work out. I have watched Javier become more comfortable here at the gym and I think he is actually having fun too! Don’t be surprised if you see his face again as client of the month because he is a man on a mission who is going to continue to hit his goals. Great work Javier and thank you for your hard work and dedication."

- Aaron


"Working on my mental health was the first thing I had to conquer in order for me to move onto improving my physical health. It’s been a long journey, going on my 4th year now, of seeing a counselor every week to build my self-esteem, unravel past traumas, make peace with them, and improve my mental health. And it was only natural for me to seek out a place and a trainer to help me improve my physical health as I’ve been doing with my mental health. The Training Spot has become such a fun and positive environment for me. Aaron has helped me feel comfortable with getting a routine down and keeping me accountable for my progress. Not only does he make sure to get me to laugh every single session, but he also takes the time to make sure everything is ok with me in general. I am amazed at how far I’ve come along with my training, something I have never been able to do before in my life. I am thankful for Aaron and everyone at The Training Spot for being supportive and encouraging.”

- Javier R.

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