Success Story: Will I Personal Training Costa Mesa

Success Story: Will I Personal Training Costa Mesa

Want to know the secret to good health and fitness? Consistency! Showing up on a regular basis for your scheduled workouts and sticking with it - whether you feel like it or not - that day is how you move forward. Will is the type of guy that keeps on being consistent, and because of that he is able to get stronger every week and see the results! Not only that, but he has the WILLpower to give it his all each session and it’s adding up! When he’s at the gym, he’s not just lifting heavy things, he’s also lifting everyone’s spirit with his good attitude.


Read more about what Matt and Will had to say about their journey together below.


I've had the pleasure of working with Will the past month and he has entrusted in me to seriously ramp up his strength training program. Will always comes in ready to push it and has been consistently progressing since he joined. As a trainer, I look forward to having him in the studio and his personality drives others he works with to push it as well. As his friend, I appreciate our fun chats, banter, and lifting sessions together! Keep it up Will!

- Mattison


Matt and his staff have motivated me to be consistent and conscious of my health. They have worked around my injuries and short falls to help me improve my diet, my overall strength and my appearance. This has begun to change my mentality towards living a healthier and more active lifestyle. Thank you to Matt and The Training Spot! I look forward to more success in the future!

- Will

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