How Your Body Changes Once You Start Eating Healthy | Nutrition Coaching Huntington Beach

How Your Body Changes Once You Start Eating Healthy | Nutrition Coaching Huntington Beach

Many people who struggle with their health or weight say they've tried every diet or food plan under the sun, without any long-term success. Our client Sarah was one of them. The changes she made ended up being short term and her old eating habits keep returning, leaving her in an unhappy relationship with food.

The reality is that there is no need to cut whole food groups or deny yourself the pleasure of eating. On the contrary, limiting your nutritional intake will only make you feel tired, lethargic, or unhappy.


The key to success lies in developing healthy eating habits that will not only help you reach your goals, but will also leave you feeling full, energized and confident to do everything you want to do.


Healthy eating habits are all about putting changes in place that are sustainable in the long term. And that is exactly what Sarah has discovered during her first 3 months with us.


Read more about Sarah's experience with our LIFE program and Food Coach Susie below.


Sarah has been with me for 3 months. I love that Sarah is here not for the scale, but to learn life’s eating balance. Sarah has a better relationship with food. She is a very determined young woman wanting to take control of her nutrition. She has learned how much to eat, when to eat, and what to eat. Sarah has successfully taken off almost 2% body fat. Congratulations Sarah, I am so proud of you!

- Susie


Over the years I have read about or tried countless eating plans, healthy recipes, and fad diets. I have always found nutrition interesting, and understood the impact it had on my lifestyle and fitness, but I could not find a healthy or sustainable way to approach it. The nutrition program has been a great solution to so many of the issues that caused me to struggle with diet in the past. The program is simple, logical, and most important to me, personalized. Susie understood right away that my main goal wasn’t weight loss. I really wanted to learn as much as possible about nutrition and find a healthy, long term solution to my diet. Susie worked with me to adjust and adapt my current diet, rather than completely overhaul it, she sent me recipes that she knew I would like, and plenty of guidance and advice to help me adapt to the program and stick with it. I love that I finally understand the macro system, and that I can use it effectively. Big thank you to Susie for setting me on a lifetime path of healthy eating and a happy relationship with food and diet.



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Think about it. How would things be different if you:  


  • Had unlimited energy?  
  • Slept soundly and without interruption?  
  • Experienced new levels of confidence?  
  • Met and surpassed goals you’ve set?  
  • Performed at a level higher than what you’ve dreamed about?
  • Had a spontaneous social life, including dining out without feeling deprived?


These are just a few of the side effects you can experience by joining our LIFE program.


Here's to your health!


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