Client Spotlight: Deborah l Personal Training Costa Mesa

Client Spotlight: Deborah l Personal Training Costa Mesa

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to get a lot done and it seems effortless, while others slave away and think they have barely time for anything that they would like to do? Being a hardworking professional our client Deborah is a true example of someone who gets a lot done on a weekly basis and she understands the importance of making her priorities. Deborah comes in 2x per week to get her workout in together with our personal trainer Stevie. She never misses a session and always gets the most out of her workouts. She made her health a priority in life and it shows!  She is a wonderful client to have and a great testament to what it takes to live a healthy life.

Read more about Deborah and her experiences with our trainer Stevie below.

Deb has been such an amazing client to train. She comes into each sessions always ready get in a good workout. She never complains, unless it's about Jim (just kidding she loves you Jim), and always has such an amazing attitude with other clients as well. It has been amazing to see her growth in certain movements, strength and endurance! I cannot wait to see what this next year brings! Thank you for being such an amazing addition to the Training Spot Family Deb! We love you. —Stevie


I have been training for almost about a year and a half with Stevie at the Costa Mesa location and have been so pleased with the entire experience. The semi-private sessions provide a fun environment which makes the hour session go by fast. Stevie plans out each session and based upon how many sessions you are going to participate in that week she puts you through the sets with modifications based upon your personal limitations. I have seen great changes in my body both in strength and visually as well. One of the best finds! I highly recommend this team of professionals. You can't go wrong ! - Deborah


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