Client Spotlight: Sarah l Personal Training Huntington Beach

Client Spotlight: Sarah l Personal Training Huntington Beach

Sarah has been a Personal Training client with us for 3 months now and she’s done amazing things! She loves her renewed strength, confidence, and fitness level. Sometimes just having an accountability buddy and someone there to cheer you on can make all of the difference. Working together with our personal trainer Matt she has been able to take her fitness journey to the next level and has been able to reach the results she’s been working so hard to get. She is a great addition to our TSpot family and her dedication to the training sessions and nutrition program has paid off in confidence and strength gained.

But don’t just take our word for it, read more about what Sarah has to say about her success and the positive impact of having a personal trainer to work together with.



Sarah has been nothing but great! She always pushes herself to the limit each and every session and it is paying off! It Just goes to show when you put all the puzzle pieces together the results come. Awesome job Sarah, keep up the great work! - Matt


After years of doing cardio heavy workouts, I joined the Training Spot looking to learn more about weight training and to take my fitness to the next level. Matt has made every workout since day one both challenging and interesting. He keeps a close eye on my weights and form and never lets me get comfortable or complacent on any exercise. I’m constantly learning new moves, improving my technique, and enjoying the challenges Matt throws at me in each session. After just three months I’m seeing awesome results and muscle growth and (unexpectedly) I’m becoming mentally stronger as well. I find that I’m pushing myself to finish each rep and I’m gaining this great confidence both in and out of the gym. I really look forward to continuing this fitness journey with Matt and everyone at the Training Spot, and to continue to see myself advance both physically and mentally. – Sarah.


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