Client Spotlight: Shanna l Personal Training Huntington Beach

Client Spotlight: Shanna l Personal Training Huntington Beach

A proud member of the ‘early morning crew’ at The Training Spot, Shanna has made some amazing changes - mentally as well as physically. If we would need to describe Shanna in one word it would be.. MOTIVATED!


Shanna is one of those people who is constantly out there trying new things and staying active so we decided to shine our spotlight on her this week. We’ve been fortunate to have her as a client for 14 years and she’s been a special part of our TSpot family. Each year, she participates in the 28-Day Kickstart program to make sure she stays on track with her nutrition and to show to others in the program, as she would say it, that “little changes and tweaks can make a huge difference.”


Shanna’s strategy for living a healthy lifestyle is to remain consistent and to make her training sessions a priority. Despite having a busy schedule, three times per week she makes the effort to get up early to start her morning with a workout before going to work and she rarely misses a session. Shanna is a true example of how long-term training and nutrition plans work when someone is willing to trust the plan and stick with it. Way the go Shanna!


Read more what Shanna and personal trainer Evan have to say about their fitness journey together:


I have been working out at the TSpot for about 14 years, and with Evan since he started at the Gothard Gym.  Over the years I have done the Take Down, and Kick Start programs every year or two to keep me going with my nutritional goals (my diet “tune-up”), and working out from one to three times a week to keep working on my fitness goals.  


Evan has been great to work with.  He is always supportive and encouraging and gives me just enough grief to keep me from slacking off.   He was really good at keeping my teenage son motivated to the point where he never even complained about getting up for those 5:30 AM workouts with me!  Now that my son is off at college, he still uses what he learned from Evan to keep up his fitness routine. I feel great, and am looking forward to another decade or two of working out.  Thanks Evan!

- Shanna M


I've had the pleasure of working with Shanna for over a year now and she is one athletic lady! She had been coming to the Training Spot with her son who has now left for college and since he's been gone she has really turned it up. She originally came twice a week but has now been coming three times a week all at 530 am. Losing some sleep but making sure she stays committed to her health. Shanna plays softball multiple times per week as well as being in a volleyball league and a bowling league. She has done multiple Kickstart events always with success. I can see a big difference of late and her efforts need to be recognized. Here's to staying fit and continuing to playing sports! Great job Shanna keep it up!

- Trainer Evan

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