How Our Client Daniel Stays Consistent in Fitness | Personal Training Huntington Beach

How Our Client Daniel Stays Consistent in Fitness | Personal Training Huntington Beach

You might read a million articles or opinions on how to start a fitness routine or how to make fitness habits a consistent reality for you. You might even succeed with some of them while failing miserably with others.

So, today we are sharing with you what Daniel and all of our clients at The Training Spot have in common that help them stay consistent in fitness and get the results they deserve.

Are you ready…..?

…..They made the CHOICE.

That’s it. No matter our moods, what month or day of the week it is, what special occasion is coming…we CHOOSE to stay dedicated to taking care of our health and our bodies.

Believe us, we wish there was a magic pill. But there isn’t. It’s just good ol’ fashioned hard work and dedication.

Basic health and fitness is simply a choice. Once you make that choice and accept where you are, you can really begin to facilitate change and move forward toward your goals.

Our client Daniel has made the choice to live a healthy lifestyle, and decided to reach out to us for a plan and guidance. Our personal trainer Aaron designed him a plan and hold him accountable to maximize his results, and they’re really showing!

If you want to find your success, then keep on reading.

Here’s what Daniel and Aaron had to say about their training sessions together.

Daniel has come so far in the past few months training here at The Training Spot. Not only is Daniel losing weight weekly but he is also putting on lean muscle and is leaning out. Every day Daniel pushes himself harder than the last and has never complained once. The work ethic he possess is one to admire, he informed me that he would be out of town for work but booked his hotel based upon how up to date the

hotel gym was. After showing me what the gym looked like asked if I would be able to help him use that facility because he did not want to take a day off. I am very proud of Daniel and all he has learned so far and I can't wait to see the rest of his journey. He really has made the gym his second home. Keep up the work Daniel!”

- Aaron


“Working out with Aaron at The Training Spot has been one of the best decisions in my life. Over the past four months, I have lost a significant amount of fat while gaining muscle mass through thoughtful and personalized workouts created by Aaron. Furthermore, whenever I have questions, Aaron displays an impressive command of physiology knowledge. Inside the gym at the beach, there is never a dull moment with Aaron and Matt creating an energetic and encouraging environment with upbeat music and friendly smiles. Even when I workout in hotel gyms while traveling for work, Aaron has my back by creating tailored programs that maximally utilize the available equipment to help me reach my fitness goals. Like many others, I had previously tried and ultimately failed to reach a healthier state on my own, but after partnering with Aaron and learning new healthy eating habits from Susie, I believe I have achieved lasting gains. I am extremely thankful to Aaron and everyone else at the Training Spot, and I look forward to continuing my health journey in the coming months!”

- Daniel



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